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Published: 2021-07-01 06:09:49
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Ken Research Increasing popularity of mobile and social games to spur future growth New Delhi: 07/19/2013- The role of toys and games has transitioned from parenting to tools of child learning and development. Parents nowadays are pre occupied with their professional life and hence, the role of toys and games has become more important. Toys and games play a crucial part in child's development and increasing their overall proficiency. This has helped in the growth of toys and games market in China.
Large variety of toys and games are available in China toys and games market presently. Construction and building toys and massively multi player online role playing games are the most popular categories of toys and games in China. China is a gigantic market for toys and games. It is the largest toys manufacturer in the world with approximately 80% of the toys exports in the world being exported from China. The key growth drivers of this market are small size of families, significantly rising population and a growing affluence of the Chinese people.
With the rising income bevels and improvement in the quality of life, the demand for toys among the Chinese people have transformed. There is a shift from traditional, battery-operated toys, construction sets and decorative toys towards unique and innovative electronic toys, intelligent and educational toys as well as plush toys and decorative fabric toys. The market is driven by established retails and more consumers with high disposable income in the tier one markets as compared to the tier two and three markets. The overall toys and games market in China have will reach USED 70,302. Lion in 2017 registering a CARR of 26. 0% during 2013-2017. According to the research report, it is expected that traditional toys in China will undergo fundamental changes in the future. In future, toy designers will add modern elements to traditional toys in order to give them a new charm. Preschool and educational toys will offer huge market potential in China in the near future. It is anticipated that China toy industry will develop into a more organized market in the near future. The industry would benefit from collaborations and alliances with foreign companies.

The companies would come up with new brands of toys with unique features. This will steer up the competition between the domestic and overseas toy manufacturing companies in the china toys market. China's online game industry is evolving rapidly which emphasizes the need to adapt to new industry trends, including changes in game players' preferences, new revenue models, new game content distribution models, new technologies and new governmental regulations. With the increasing social networking population in the country, more users are likely to get inclined towards social games which take the platform of social networking sites.
The shift towards mobile gaming will also invite more companies to launch exciting mobile games which the player enjoys to play even on a small screen of a mobile. It presents immense evolution opportunity 1 This is a licensed product of Ken Research and should not be copied China Toys and Games Market to Reach Used 70,302 Million by 2017: Ken Research By Snatcher Games to Accelerate Market Growth" provides detailed overview on the toys and games market in China. This report helps reader to identify the ongoing trends in the industry and anticipated growth in future depending upon changing industry dynamics in the coming years.
The report will help industry consultants, toy manufacturing and gaming companies, suppliers and other stakeholders to align their market centric strategies according to ongoing and expected trends in the future. For more information on the industry research report please refer to the below mentioned link.

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