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Published: 2021-07-01 06:44:10
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Most of the people are having their vacation in a resort, they just want to relax and relieve their stress. Here in the Philippines, there are a lot of resorts; you have a lot of choices. Also here in Pangaea Angels City, we a lot have a lot of resort that can give you a relaxation. Hawaiian Palm Resort was built on December 08, 2012. Before it was a farmland and it has a fish pond, they decided to change into a resort because they want their parents to have a fruitful life in their remaining years in this world.
They are still improving their resort, because their just in 2 years f managing the resort. Currently, the Hawaiian Palm Resort is using the manual system for their transaction in their reservation. First the guest needs to go to the Hawaiian Palm Resort to reserve some rooms or the function hall for specific events; the employee will give them a paper to fill-up some information. And with that, it's up to the guest if they are going to full their payment, but they need to have a 50% down payment.
If they want to cancel their reservation they cannot get the 50% down payment, for short, their no refund. The main problem in the manual system is that, if there is a lot of serration in the locale, they are lacking in the manpower, but the employee said that they can tolerate. The papers for their reservation are in the cabinet, the information is not secured and their some instances that the papers will be loss. So, the proponents proposed a website with reservation management system for the Hawaiian Palm Resort.

They can attract more customers since they already have a website, and they can easily manage the reservations because it is on-line and it will lessen the manpower. Less time consuming for both employees and for the guest.
Project Context
Reservation management system is a process of booking of a room or a place for a specific occasion or vacation. By using the internet, the guest or the customer will lessen their time in going to the specific resort just to reserve a room; it is convenient for them because it will lessen their cost In transportation and less effort.
Here in the Philippines, most of the hotels and resorts are using the ARMS online, because they believe that if they do that, they can attract more customers and their profit will increased. They can easily know if their customer is satisfied to their service because there is a dieback module for the customers, the customers will just site some things that they experience in the resort.

Environmental - Their current situation in their reservation is that, they are still using the manual system. The effect of the proposed system is that, they will less time consuming, their data will be more secured, the manpower will be lessen. And if they want to improve the system Or the website, it's up to them; its not that hard for them to develop because they already have a current system or basis for them to get some ideas. Health and Safety For this website it is safe for customers because they will not have a hard time to go to the resort, they will just reserve online and they have less effort to pay and they can just see the appearance of the resort by just going to the website. Hassle-free for them because they will not use money, but rather using only internet.
Economic-Before, online reservations do not exist, people who want to reserve in the resort go directly in the place, and sometimes it's hard for them because for instances like no reserved rooms or in some instances that the resort is not available. The cost of the project is not that too much expensive, because it has long term benefits for the company. Being able for the people to know more about the resort.
Social-For entertainment, this website aims to entertain the people visiting. Keeping them knowing on what is the resort looks. Visualizing them to help the people to have an idea on how the resort is ore better than others. And the website will give information about the rules and description of the rooms, so that if they go to the resort they already know the rules and know what to do. HTH cal According to the locale, they don't have any problems regarding to the ethical issues. All their employees are honest and loyal. Keeping their loyal customer and keeping the good image Of the management. And the employees treat the customer very nicely; the employees are approachable and kind.

Purpose and Description
People nowadays are finding online shopping, reservation & booking, banking and other activities more comfortable on the internet rather than the conventional system. It is the best time for the Hawaiian palm Resort to make their presence online to boost their business. The purpose of online serration system of Hawaiian Palm Resort is to provide the resort with a system of reservation processing where management doesn't have to put a lot of people/employee that will handle the customers.
The online system leaves it to the customers to fill the details and information required for the reservation of the resort. The web based of the online reservation system will help the resort management to post images of the resort, enlist services and prices with discounts and other offers to attract more customers. These offers and discounts can be updated in quick time to give customers the most scent discount they can avail.
General Objectives
The Aim of this is study is to develop a Website for Hawaiian palm Resort which will promote the Resort in the World Wide Web. A Web Site that will better promote the place and will enhance the communication between them and their market through the messages delivered through the website. The website Will have a reservation module for prospect guests; this will provide them with an idea about the cost of the rooms they want to reserve.
Specific Objectives

To develop a website that will promote and advertise the Hawaiian Palm Resort and its accommodations and services by incorporating the following features: Design of the website and its content management system, Information about Hawaiian Palm Resort such as its location and information about its accommodation's classified by categories (pictures, prices, etc. ), Registration of reserved accommodations or services made online or placed real-time in the firm, Field for feedbacks or queries for the prospect customers (including suggestions and recommendations).
TO generate reports for the following: Record of the reservations placed online (approved, modified, completed, uncalled reservations) including the manually recorded reservations (transactions made at the resort), Sales services, Billing and Payments (balance reports, payment reports, down payment reports, full payment).
To enable prospect customers to place reservations online.
To secure the privacy of the customers in terms of the required personal information on their transaction/s with the firm.
To help the management to retrieve needed information in a fast and reliable manner.
To provide an audit trail that will record logs and other activities of the users in the system.
To archive information/records which are no longer being used.
To provide backup and restore of the database and system thus ensuring the safe keep Of the business and clients records.
TO provide the customers with an official receipt/form that will serve as an entry pass on the indicated date of visit, which will given to them after completing the online transaction.

Significance of the Study
The study focuses on having a proposed online website for Hawaiian palm Resort. The researchers aim to produce a website that will be access by their guests through the use of internet. This research will be benefiting the Hawaiian palm Resort, the guest and also the future researchers. Locale This system helps the locale improved their manual system and it also has a real-time, they can easily manage a lot of reservation. It also helps the locale to expand target market, leading to increased occupancy levels. It helps them to control and oversight of their bookings. Guest This system helps the guest to reserved rooms instantly without going to the resort just to check if there's an available rooms. It is also a time saving because it will lessen the time and the effort of the guest.
They can be able to book anytime; from any,Inhere with internet access and they will get a quick response to their request. Future Researchers This study will help the future researchers to have some idea in the online reservation and how to create a website. This study will guide them if they are doing right or not, this study can be their basis in their study. VI. Scope and Delimitation This project focuses on the online reservation system of Hawaiian Palm Resort. It facilitates the reservation process of the resort. Being an online system it doesn't required help from anyone that the employee will lessen their work.
Any person with basic knowledge in computer can go online and book to a resort without any hindrances This study will not cover the CRM or the customer relationship management, though it has a feedback module for the customers for them to know if the customer is satisfied. The study mainly focuses on the website itself, and to the transaction that they have in their reservation management. Using web browser is the best way to view the proposed system, you can view it in mobile but some of the module will not work and it will be more difficult for the guest to reserve.
It will not also cover he billing process; the locale wants to have a manual process in their billing. The following will be the features of the website Website Home Page - it has the welcome page, photo slides of what the business is offering, basic information or an advertisement, links to other pages and to the transactions and modules of the system. Accommodations - it includes rate of About Us - It will have the company or business profile, its history and other pertinent information about them which can be the staff, the management the owner Contact Us - Location Map, Business Address, E-Mail Address, Contact numbers, Fax Numbers, Other Branches (If there are any) Products and Services Offered which can be Categorized by Different Occasions, Themes or Packages with Prices Prices must be displayed but customers can be informed that price are subjected to change (so meaning there should be an back-end interface for the management to do the updates and changes) You can already include here a shopping cart that each the customer can use when making orders and reservation. As products and services are added the amount will be displayed.
When customers goes to the shopping cart ND check-out they will be prompt to login to their account if they are an existing customer and if not to register first After registering, the payment mode will be displayed, it can be thru Papal Terms and Conditions on Payments and Reservations News and Announcements - can include any post and announcements to the public or prospective clients, promos and discounts can be announced. New collections or party packages available Frequently Asked Questions - This area will serve as an entry for the customers to get answers from a common query or concern of customers.

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