Donnie Darko

Published: 2021-07-01 06:46:00
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Donnie Darko Assessment Dashiell Lieberman I would like to answer this question not as the Dashiell we all know and love but as an existential Dashiell. As an existentialist I would want the truth and the facts; that is a lot different than wanting an explanation. An existentialist doesn't believe that everything needs an explanation and a reason. They believe in the cold hard truth and facts like the great existential characters Donnie Darko and Mersault of The Stranger, who died for representing the ultimate truth like Christ.
So the truth I seek for my one day outside of reality is the creation of the world, the universe and who or what is the creator. Everything else in this world has been altered and corrupted by man and society but not the beginning; that is true and untouched. I want to know the overall truth of the world, the great mystery that the whole world has wondered. The origin of everything is my biggest wonder as a man just looking for the truth with no explanations or interpretations.
I would travel through time and space searching and observing the creation of everything that has come to be. I would love to talk to the creator, if so, and just ask him some casual questions or learn of our scientific origins and it's amazement. If I had this one day I wouldn't waste it by doing insignificant things to make me happy for an hour; I would go big of course, I mean really big. I want these hours of freedom to change my life forever giving me the ultimate truth of the world so as an existentialist I can be satisfied knowing that there is no meaning or maybe there is.

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