Outcome based education

Published: 2021-07-01 06:05:56
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Memoranda E. Local Title: Outcome-based Education: A Reaction Paper Outcome-based education is simply referred to student-centered learning methods that focuses on the student itself. The student would make a demonstration of the skills they had learned. It is different in traditional nursing wherein OBEY does not require a particular style of teaching.
The student is open to use any kind of method they are comfortable with for learning. For a nursing student, it is very agreeable on my part to use the OBEY system and/or incorporate it to the traditional curriculum the students are familiar with. Nursing students are required to do return demonstrations to assess their competencies and the OBEY can be used for the students' benefit. It would be unwise, in my humble opinion, to eradicate the traditional method and be replaced by the outcome-based education.
OBEY has been considered as a modern teaching strategy/curriculum and if the traditional methods had been totally replaced, there would be difficulties on the part of the professor handling the abject, especially if said professor is not actually young by age, but young by heart. The best possible solution that I am leaning myself into is to wean the traditional curriculum and slowly incorporate the outcome-based education so as to both professors and students won't have the shock in the new set up.

If that plan goes successful, the it would be much better for two curriculums both old and new, merge into a single but much better off education system. The OBEY is still on the process of acceptance by different nursing schools and universities for it has not been openly used by faculties alike. It is but a reminder that the OBEY is still new and that it is very normal if few schools are using it on their student education.
As the saying goes, old habits die hard, it is still on the process of usage and further recommendation. There is no perfect curriculum that can be used and be subjected to students. As I have said before, the OBEY is an interesting program that can be used to nursing schools because it submits to returns demonstrations and such. No door shall be closed in using this type of modernity.

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