Slavery in Rome and China

Published: 2021-07-01 06:16:43
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1. In ancient Rome slavery became the indispensable foundation of the economy, and social status was a way to have political privilege and was praised upon in society. But in ancient China, they didn’t have as many slaves as the Romans, the had more of peasants contributing to society by working in fields, laboring on imperial estates, and maintaining canal channels. Chinese slaves also had legal protections provided by contracts specifying and limiting what would be demanded of them.
The government depended more on a large population of free peasants to contribute taxes and services to the state instead of ordering people to do it under a contract. Slaves weren't as important to China as to Rome because they did not rely on the labor of a large slave population, they were merely a provided service or someone to do chores more than an actual slave. The treatment of Chinese slaves was much less harsh of the Romans, mostly because it was against the law to kill your slave, kings even lost their kingdoms after it was found they had murdered their slaves.
Slaves were mostly treated unjust and badly from their master, and were viewed as other forms of property. They were mostly treated like property when they were sold and purchased by masters. When they talked back or refused to work, most slaves were severely punished, although it was illegal to kill your slave in China. When they worked they were used to farm and fix things and with no rest or appreciation, inhuman things that were made for animals or tools.

In ancient China the slaves “humanity” came into account when the Qin government sought to abolish slavery. However, the institution persisted into the Han dynasty and the Qin were unsuccessful in the abolishment of slavery, but it showed that the treatment of slaves were unjust and how they wanted to prohibit it. 3. Since slaves were overworked, and improperly treated most slaves tried some passive resistant tactics that slaves resorted to, to revolt against their master in a non violent manner.
Most slaves made excuses not to work, blaming it on the weather, maybe even other slaves, and maybe the lack of tools or machinery for them to use. Some even slept too much to blame it on the lack of sleep their getting from overworking. The slaves did not really achieve anything but more work that had to be done. If it was raining outside, then they had to work inside, and if they complained about it they were punished. Slaves in china resulted in protection by a contract which made them protected by the government if masters broke the contract.

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