Cultural Anthropology

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Cultural Anthropology

Culture is a well organized unity divided into two fundamental aspects - a body of artifacts and a system of customs - Mammalians. "Humans cannot eat, breathe, defecate, mate, reproduce, sit, move abo...

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Essay Summary of Cultural Anthropology

Holding Amok can bring the host close to financial devastation however, the political and communal gains room Increased status can outweigh the cons. Reciprocity Is a mutual/cooperative non-market exc...

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Incas vs Aztecs

Incas vs. Aztecs Prior to Cortez landing, there were many civilizations that held power in the Americas. These groups included the Olmecs, Zapotecs, Mayans, Toltecs, Aztecs, and Incas. The two of thes...

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The Pueblo Revolt of 1680

Running head: PUEBLO REVOLT The Pueblo Revolt of 1680 Kelley Christy Grand Canyon University HIS 103 May 17, 2009 The Pueblo Revolt of 1680 The English and Spanish strategies at colonization in the la...

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