Paper Management

Interested authors should submit on-line a 4 pages abstract (pdf file) of each proposed paper, before the February 20, 2015 deadline. The template for the abstract may be found .  If you have already for the event then go here to submit your abstract .

Full Paper Submission Instructions

The complete paper should be prepared in accordance with the format described here (there is a new template updated on April 10 - .docx version) and e-mailed to [email protected] with the name in the following format: ICWE14_ID00000.pdf (the zeros corresponding to the previously issued Abstract ID number, e.g. ID02840 à ICWE14_ID02840.pdf ). The deadline for submission of full papers is April 30, 2015.

As a minimum, a BRL 500 (five hundred Brazilian Reais) publication fee must be paid before May 21, 2015, for each submitted full paper to ensure that it is included in the Conference Proceedings.

Informations: Acir Mércio Loredo-Souza | +55-51-33087145 | [email protected]