Challenge in My Life: How I Dealt with It

Published: 2021-07-01 06:31:09
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I Just decided to take some medicine and went to bed. The pains still continue to happen the next day. So I went to the emergency room. I told the doctor my situation. I had taken some x-rays. About thirty minutes later the results were back. The doctor had discovered a large mass In my stomach and wasn't for certain. So I was recommended to the Broody School of Medicine. That place Is thirty minutes from where I live. The doctors there looked at my x-rays and did some more tests on me. The BOB-GUN had found an ovarian tumor on my ovaries. Then I was explained to that I was going to have immediate surgery. I never had a surgery before
I was scared for my life. The doctors also mention that my being overweight that puts a risk with the surgery. The first thing I thought with that being stated I knew I was going to die. As the days went by I had to go the doctor every two weeks. It was like if I was having a baby. Matter of fact I look like I was pregnant with twins. I guess that was nothing but all that the fluid from the tumor. I would cry everyday and I became depressed. I began to get weak each and everyday. So I had to get a blood transfusion. I remember staying In the hospital the entire weekend. I did not want to all because it was holiday. It was Labor Day weekend.
I wanted to stay home and enjoy my family. Once I had received the blood in my body I felt much stronger. Then it was time for my surgery. I remember my surgery was September 7, 2005. I was nervous, shaky and scared. My family was by my side. I remember waking up the next day after surgery. When I woke up I thought it was still Wednesday the day I had surgery. Scary right! I had all types of tubes and things I was hooked up to. I was in the trauma center in the intensive care unit. I felt awesome. God is so good. There was no pain my body. Everyday I still think about what I went through with the sickness that was In my DOD.

There was so much pressure and pain all on the Inside In my body. The only thing I can't do now Is to have kids. That still bother me but I am learning to overcome. I want to adopt children very soon. My plan Is to begin the adoption process when I am 30 years old. Has changed my life dramatically. Because if I didn't have faith in me and God on my side I might be lying in my grave or my body will still be with pain. Challenges happen for a reason. It can be for good or bad. People are put to a test to overcome challenges. Most of all we deal the challenges and overcome it with a success.

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