Citizenship Coursework- Illegal Downloading

Published: 2021-07-01 06:16:12
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More than 8 million people are illegally downloading at any one time; it has become a major problem for the music industry. Many people do not see the problem it causes and many do not realise the effect of what they are doing, some don't even seem to know that it is illegal. Although most people do not seem to notice the effects, the film and music industry are noticing. They are noticing a loss in revenue. This then prevents things such as new upcoming or just plain decent only just found musicians and artist.
Plus some films never make it to production, there original ideas never to be shared. Musicians pushing forward in the career are missing out on opportunities after much time and effort has been put in (plus there are a lot of band that just fluke it to success). So on general people in these industries that deserve to be recognised have a much less chance thanks to illegal downloading. Basically it's Stealing, stealing music is the same as stealing anything else. It is illegal and the consequences are real - for you and for the music.
Stealing music is against the law. Stealing music betrays the songwriters and recording artists who create it and stifles the careers of new artists and up and coming bands. Stealing music threatens the livelihood of the thousands of working people from recording engineers to music retailers and their staffs who are employed in this industry. Downloading music is a great way of reaching out for musicians if it is done in a controlled manner in which the musicians can still be paid for there 'work'.

Plus it is just another way that people can access musician's songs. This is a handy way for customers as we live in a society that uses mp3 players where all their music is transferred over the media device. Rather than good old CD players and well cassette players, where you had to go out and but the CD's or tape, which is more efficient from piracy. But artist have to keep up with modern devices to make sure their music gets out there.
Fans want to access music in the easiest possible way and that way is over the internet rather than going to town to but the CD, just being lazy. Although some may be down to the fact a lot of teenagers are unable or don't know how to set up an account with a legal download site or company such as iTunes. But want is quite worrying to say the least is the fact that there are those out there who do now realise it is wrong. Also there are those who try to justify illegal downloading. For the customer it all comes down to two many things; cost and convenience.
The only decent way about it is if the music is downloaded illegally and the person likes that album or whatever they then go out and buy it, if they don't then they just delete it. It is a way about it but not around it, There will always be those trying to get what they want for a little as possible and if that is free then they will do it. It is just that the internet can do so much to help new band get recognised, however the internet is pretty much impossible to monitor and patrol completely and strictly. People will take advantage of this and are doing so.
Illegal downloading is a hot topic and those who have an opinion may differ hugely form other, a lot tend to sit back about the situation but those that take side tend to feel strongly about it. There are those that realise what they are doing and continue to do so without thinking about the negative effects they are having on peoples lives, not just the musicians but others working in the industry. On the other hand they should do more to allow more to by CD's as many of them are highly priced, which they don't need to be as more money comes from gigs then album sales.
Then again there is no excuses for downloading illegally. Though the music industry should realise that it must spread out across the internet and do it's best to appeal to customer over the internet. .Both sides of this argument have to make changes, as they are actually both losing out, the industry are making loses and the listener are missing out on potentially great music from artist not given a chance, as well as them missing out. So changes must be made to end piracy and get the music industry to appeal to more people so no losses are made and all is pretty damn good.

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