Orwell and Swift

Published: 2021-07-01 06:22:19
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One of the techniques they have common is that both of them are using satire. After comparing Orwell and Swift essay, I believe that Swift uses satire more effectively than Orwell does. At first, Swift uses his title more effectively than Orwell. Second Swifts statements which Is eating Infants for saving Ireland has more Impact than Rowel's statement. Thirdly, Swift essay drips with sarcasm by using many metaphors. First of all, the title of Swifts essay immediately demonstrates irony.
The essay title "A Modest Proposal" is very ironic as he describes his own essay as 'modest', though his opinion includes strong message for government of Ireland. Using irony in his title makes his proposal stronger and more sarcastically. From this title, at first the redder thinks his proposal might be a general proposal as usual politicians. However, after finished reading his essay, we realize that his theories of the essay is very grotesque and shocking even though he describes his observations about the nation reasonably.
His statement has many twist, so it gives us big impression. For example, he states that "l shall now therefore humbly propose my own thought" (3) After this sentence, he begins to write about eating baby which Is difficult to Imagine from his tattle 'Modest'. On the other hand, Orwell doesn't use Irony In his title. The reader easily guesses that he will talk about Politic and English from his title "Politics and the English Language". Second, Swifts statement which is eating infants has more impact than Rowel's statements.

For instant, Swift says that "l have no children by which I an propose to get a single penny; the youngest being nine years old, and my wife past child-bearing"(7). It makes the whole sentence becomes more sarcastically . Because His theory is shocking to most readers as most people can relate to having children or knowing someone who has offspring. However, from his final sentence, we can understand that he is not emotionally involved to this theory or solution. This sentence implies that "I'm not emotionally Involves to my theory, so let's eat children and save Ireland.
Swift uses irony as much as possible until the very end of his essay. In contrast, Orwell use of Irony Is less obvious than Swifts essay. In his theory, he suggests not to use metaphor, sleep, or other techniques which we are used to seeing in print. However, he makes use of metaphors and similes in his own essay. He even admits that fact in his essay. For instant, Orwell states that "l have again and again committed the very faults I am protesting against" (8). From this sentence we can realize that he even admits to using technique which he courage's to use and it emphasizes the irony in the article.
However, this ironic statement doesn't have enough impact to reader, and it is hard to understand what is the core message he is trying to say from this sentence. Thirdly, Swift essay drips with sarcasm by using many metaphors. He describes a baby as food or pig and also describes wives as foal companions. For example, he says that "young healthy child well nursed Is at a year old a most delouses, nourishing, and wholesome food, whether stewed, roasted, baked, or bold;" (3) It makes us easier to Imagine what he Is liking about and gives us more Impact than sentence without metaphor. Sing metaphor to describe his theory makes his theory more sarcasm. In contrast, Orwell doesn't use many metaphors In Nils essay. So, It Is Doolittle Imagine Tanat want nee Is trying to say until the end of his essay. His theory is too detached tone. In conclusion, after compared Orwell and Swift essay, I believe that Swift essay has more impact and uses satire more powerfully than Orwell does. At first, Swifts title has more influence than Rowel's one. Secondly, Swifts statement which is eating baby gives us bigger impression than Rowel's statement.

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